Looking to EXPLORE MORE?

As a real estate agent, expanding your horizons and staying ahead of the curve is essential in today's competitive market. Whether you're seeking to enhance your knowledge, sharpen your skills, or broaden your network, there are countless opportunities waiting for you. Engage in industry conferences, seminars, and workshops to gain insights from industry leaders and experts. Stay up to date with the latest market trends, technology advancements, and innovative strategies that can give you an edge. Collaborate with fellow agents and professionals to foster meaningful connections and discover new avenues for growth. Remember, the real estate industry is ever-evolving, and by embracing continuous learning and exploration, you can unlock unlimited possibilities for success. So, don't hesitate – embark on your journey to EXPLORE MORE today!

Discover the Exceptional Services and Expertise of Our Real Estate Office

  • Industry Leading Technology Platforms that help you reach your goals.
  • Moxi, a leading real estate tech suite
  • Customized, lead generating website
  • Automated Virtual Tour for every Listing
  • Automated YouTube video for every listing
  • Automated website for every listing
  • Lead Generating tools like AdWerx, Social Ad Engine for FB and Homebot
  • Social Media Content created for you each month
  • Productivity HUB
  • Marketing Studio

Empower Your Real Estate Business with Customized Tools and Systems of Your Choice

  • Moxi World Class CRM
  • Optimized, Lead generating personal Website
  • Flexible training schedules
  • Flexible coaching schedules
  • Leading industry tech suite to manage and market your business even when you are asleep

Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential with Unmatched Company Support

  • Handheld support to transform your real estate career into your thriving real estate business
  • An administrative team to input your listings and pictures into, well everywhere!
  • New Listing marketing material preparation
  • Scheduling and advertising Open Houses
  • Monitoring C21 Online presence with listing updates
  • Arranging closing gifts and follow up with Preferred Client Club enrollments

How We Build Your Business

Your real estate expenses became your broker's expenses?

  • Administrative staff in your office
  • Compliance manager that checks your files
  • Provides yard signs
  • Customized, optimized, Lead Generating Website
  • A cutting edge CRM to streamline your time and stay personally connected to your clients
  • An automated unique website and YouTube video dedicated for each listing address
  • Industry-leading technology platforms
  • Leads delivered to you
  • And more

Your accomplishments and successes were rewarded?

  • Nationwide Awards and Recognition including partnership rates to annual Top Agent Luxury trips
  • Company-wide Awards and promoted recognition through social media and other channels
  • Consumer Reviews automatically posted and shared for increased web visibility through Real Satisfied​
  • Lead the Pack - Opportunities to train and coach your colleagues on how to achieve their goals

Your broker provided you a team of trainers and coaches?

  • Different experience levels need different training. We understand.
  • Activity-based training with the data to prove the growth
  • Experienced Agents
  • Brand New Agents
  • Tenured Agents
  • Live in-person training
  • Live web training
  • Self-paced online video

Our Proven Approach to Building Your Business

At CENTURY 21 Awaye Realty, we understand that success is not a destination; it is a daily commitment. It requires a unique perspective on circumstances, outcomes, attempts, and achievements. As partners in success, we believe in fostering a collaborative environment with our agents, team members, communities, and clients because we know that collective wins lead to individual victories. Our approach prioritizes the financial security of our agents and their families above all else. We provide comprehensive coaching, equip our agents with user-friendly and impactful technology, and offer a wealth of resources that elevate their business. By aligning our values and competitive advantages with the evolving expectations of today's real estate agents and consumers, we create a successful practice that propels us all forward.

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